Thursday, January 29

Third in a series, obviously.

Bush, Kristol, and now Blago. They're like children to me: picking a favorite [out on your ass forever] is so hard!

Overheard at Drinking Liberally in Springfield, Illinois tonight (really)

"If Fitzgerald is smart, he'll ask for a change of venue to Wasilla."

Blago did what he intended to do: poison the criminal trial jury pool for all eternity.

Don't let the door hitcha.


  1. Anonymous9:11 PM

    He'll be ok in prison. He strikes me as someone who figures out the game and then goes all out balls first to play.

  2. Listening to his presser as I folded laundry made me hate doing that chore even more. It seemed the media was just going to let him go on forever. Enough rope to.....

  3. Maybe he should look into a career in a breadmaking outfit-- He's toast!

  4. I'm sure he'll have a book deal by next week. Maybe even his own talk show on CNBC later this year...

  5. His target value for prosecution dropped immensely yesterday.
    His value as an federal informant skyrocketed. It takes a Blago-sized ego to turn on the family. Get `im while he's bitter.

    Used to breed smarter rats. Then they let pissants like Blago see the inner workings.

    Buckle up. Yesterday attempted to discredit and marginalize his value. It's all about the deal with him. Guess who has the only deal going now?

  6. he's a sick man. he really is. i feel for his kids. imagine that family. ick

  7. I watched Rachel Maddow's interview with him and it was hard to tell if he really believed what he was claiming or whether it was just a show he was putting on on the way out. Rachel pointed out that it didn't matter, as he was wrong, and as such, guilty, but that didn't seem to faze him. Interesting character. Glad he's gone.
    -Doug in Oakland

  8. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Say what you will about his crimes and his hair, his Spanish is pretty darn good.


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