Saturday, January 3

It IS an honor to be nominated

But when you look at the competition in terms of overall stats, it's pretty obvious I'm the little gal in this competition for "best liberal blogger".

The blog you're reading right now (thank you) is that blue line hovering at the "zero" mark. This chart only allows me to select five blogs at a time, so it shows the biggest blogs with which I'm nominated.

I think the organizers of the Weblog Awards figured that putting my blog in an audience size category, which I won in 2006, would be unfair to the competition. So they ranked me with the big boys, which is a real honor. I'll hang out here happily knowing that the bling will likely go to those with bigger traffic.

My blog has never had a business model and I have no interest in spending time I could be writing working on driving up traffic. I'm also impressed that there are some very big liberal blogs out there that were not nominated. I take the nomination as a tremendous compliment and testimony to the quality of this blog and its writing, and I'm very grateful.

I may give the big boys a run for their bling anyway, if the small bloggers I've helped over the past four years show their support at their places. That's already started and it really touches me. Thanks again.

And if I go home empty-handed this year, I can be like Jim Morrison after they screamed at him for misbehaving at the Ed Sullivan Show, and told him he'd never be on Ed Sullivan again. "We did Ed Sullivan." I've won a weblog award. Ha.


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    As a "small" blogger, you have established quite a few personal connections with your readers. Very similar to the locally owned businesswoman who knows her customers and who consistently draws shoppers away from Wal-Mart. Your readers WANT you to succeed and keep blogging with your smart,fearless humorous self being satisfied by what you write. The "bigger" blogs can take care of themselves.

  2. You know that it would be untrue, and you know that I would be a liar if I was to say to you that you don't rate the traffic you acquire, BG.


  3. Congratulations on your nomination. Your yeoman's work on behalf of little blogs, such as my modest blog, is deeply appreciated. To paraphrase Adam Smith: "Small blogs of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your links."

  4. i admire your philosophy :) there's something to be said about creating a real community online versus having 300 comments on one thread. when i come over here- chances are you will read my comment and respond if appropriate or you feel moved to. that doesn't happen necessarily on the big blogs. it's almost like appealing to a member of congress ;) odds are you will get a canned response rather than a real one- and the person you want to respond to doesn't even know you exist.

    the big boys and girls certainly have their place. but, i like to think that smaller blogger communities are the real backbone of the 'blog movement' so to speak. i am honored to have come across your blog and happy as a pig in ... mud- that you were nominated :)

  5. Three words: you deserve it.
    -Doug in Oakland

  6. Anonymous8:32 PM

    So Blue Gal -

    I know I can vote once every 24 hours, but is there a secret location that says HOW to vote?

    I could not find anything indicating how it actually happens. Would it kill them to tell us?



  7. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Obviously a 'quality, not quantity' situation.

  8. What Jon Swift said is so true.
    Your help to the underlings raises you above them all. You traffic in sharing, caring and blog love...

    You deserve that nomination,
    Because you have the determination
    It takes a lot of dedication
    To keep an eye on this crazy nation

    We love so much, your elucidations
    of so many strange situations,
    that we offer you a commendation
    for your blog's administration
    and your mind's articulation
    and your gifts of dissemination
    and those panties appropriation
    You have our award of appreciation!

    You win!


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