Monday, January 19

So, President Obama...

Will there be time to knit at the inaugural balls?

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I won't be knitting orange yarn, no matter what, unless it's for da Bearz.

Skype Salon tonight. Hope to see you there!

PS for my Day of Service, since I have three kids at home today, I'll be (for real) gathering stuff to donate to the Salvation Army store. I like that my kids donate their unwanted stuff, as well as get gently used toys, there.

Here's an option for those of you who can't get out and volunteer today: another blogger needs financial help. If you can do so, please donate to DC Blogger (who actually gets stuff done for single payer healthcare) over at Corrente. I can tell you from experience that little donations, five bucks or so, really add up fast. Thanks.


  1. black and gold yarn for the steelers! ; )

  2. yeah! knitting!

  3. Have ya heard?

    Obama's Inauguration Schedule has been leaked!


  4. Oh, BG, hearing from you is exciting ... I quote your men/intelligence/aphrodisiac line all the time ... so yes hearing from you is sorta like as if Obama called to say he's sending a heliocopter for me to join him on the Capital Steps tomorrow! Thanks! Geo

  5. It's a shame that Obama has turned his inauguration into a divisive, misogynistic, and homophobic hatefest by inviting Rick Warren. I refuse to watch any of that sickening farce.

  6. three words, Libhom:

    Reverend Wright WHO?

    Google "alternative invocation" the first website listed is worth a visit....

  7. Eleven Blue Balls and no yarn. Bummer for you.


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