Monday, January 12

A video response to Sarah Palin

I updated this video a bit at 2:25 central.


  1. Do kittens wear lipstick like pitbulls wear lipstick?

  2. That is brilliant!
    Love, Anonymous Blogger

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Very funny video, thank you!
    While on YOUTUBE you may want to check out Palin talking about HILLARY CLINTON & CLINTON´S WHINING ABOUT THE MEDIA.
    That MAY be funnier then THIS one, because it´s a real Palin interview and Sarah is doing a complete 180 here. You wont believe your LYING EYES AND EARS!

  4. she never met a camera she didn't like.

    now she's a mama grizzly. damn pretty soon she'll be all of noah's ark!

  5. Reason #1,489,399,426... why you're the best.

    Ms. Palin? Which MSPM outlet, out of ALL the MSPM outlets that you devour voraciously did you glean your "Obama pals around with terrorists"
    soundbite? Was that the NY Times? The Mooseburg Gazette? The "Made up Shit that'll play to the pigfuckers in the CCRWR Base Picayune"?

    Will she ever understand that certitude is very unattractive when said certitude is coming out of one's anus?

    You betcha.

  6. 'When did we start accepting as government overseers morans...conservative morans, especially - ook, eek, ooh ah ah, it's a sad state of affairs, the world of government today, American government especially, if they're gonna rely on conservative morans for their sound statecraft - very scary.'


  7. Awesomely awesome, BG!

    So Sarah the Palin is now a pitbull kitten? Surely that is banned somewhere in Leviticus.

  8. IMHO, She should be a kitten who IS whipped

  9. Hey Sarah, bloggers do have names. If you didn't act like such a ...(my nouns fail me here), you might know a few. That would mean reading, though. Oops. Forgot about that part.
    Sarah really is an easy target, but she keeps on presenting herself. Maybe she secretly likes the ridicule? That would at least make her a more interesting character. Doesn't seem likely, though.
    BG, I voted for you hella times.
    -Doug in Oakland

  10. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I'll leave a comment. First, I have to re-attach my ass, which just fell off from me laughing so hard...

  11. Most of the anonymous bloggers that I've run across are right-wing non-Conservatives trying to take over decent sites that provide important information not available elsewhere (see Danny Schecher's latest) to inform voters, etc.

    So she is undoubtedly familiar with them - very.

    Voting for you again, BG. Keep fighting the good fight!

  12. what in the world does one say about someone like that?

  13. Score, BG! Yeah, being an "anonymous blogger" is worse than being a famous ignoramus. And interesting considering conservatives' hatred of Hollywood (I mean, envy), that liberal bloggers want good government while conservative bloggers want celebrities.

  14. Beautifully done Blue Gal!

    I think it is time to add you to my blogroll.

  15. You have my vote for the weblog awards...

    This video rules!

  16. My name is Rehctaw and
    I am an anonymous blogger.

    I wasn't always anonymous. For 10 years my name and face was atop each weekly column. A local election landed my ass on a petty enemies list. I painted the bulls-eye on myself by speaking out.

    I made a public announcement that I was taking a pseudonym and have been the Watcher ever since. With Rehctaw, I hold a mirror up to my words and try to see them as others may. It's my way of not falling into opposite world.

    Ms. Palin... Fuck you. As long as people like you gleefully abuse the public trust and use your resources and authority to attack anyone who dares criticize or disagree with your certitude, my ranks will swell and yours will be fragmented, infiltrated and disgruntled.

    It's my fervent hope that we now outnumber you. That dogcatcher by dogcatcher we will take back power from serial abusers such as yourself.

  17. What Rehctaw says (always) and does.

    You R O C K!

    Along with BG!

  18. Anonymous9:17 AM


  19. I just watched this for the fourth time and figured it was high time I commented.

    Bwahahahaha! I totally want that eyeroll isolated so I can insert it into any post. Please!!!! It's patent worthy.

  20. Anonymous10:59 AM

    kitten with a whip... yeah!

    kitten with a whip... yeah!

    gads... got it stuck up my nose now. Which is a better place than where Sarah Palin has her head, iffn ya knows whats I meanses.

    Once uponeth a time, I, too, used my real name. And found that the squeaky wheel gets the sledgehammer. Just like the rehctaw. The problems, of course, stem from entitled attitudes of the rick santorum neocons.


    good job with that vid.


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