Tuesday, January 20

How can someone not be happy today?

Well, of course there are those who aren't. There are a few bloggers grumpy because she's fricking Secretary of State instead of President. I'm all for Alternative Invocation, as well, but I'm not going to be grumpy today. I'm going to pray for my country, have hope for the future, and celebrate.

Not to give the grumpies too much attention, but really, it's obvious who grew up believing too much of this pablum:

And I'm sorry you "people united means action" folks are not disqualified from awards shows, not because of any quality of writing issue, but because that would give you even more to gripe about.

We only wanna see you happy. Once. Even though you're beautiful when you're mad.


An invocation? I love what Quaker Oats said:

I felt led to share about how although I'm hopeful about the new administration, I also think we can't just pin our hopes on anyone, even a (hopefully good) president. We as Friends [Quakers] did away with pastors (or in pastoral meetings we did away with a privileged position for pastors) because we don't think it's right to pay someone to do our spiritual work for us. I think the political system is similar. We can't just elect people and expect them to do all the work of bringing justice into the world through love. The government will never do that. That can only happen through the work of the Spirit in the world.

[We can go] about following the still small voice that calls us to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God, even when it feels like what we can do is pitifully small. We just must trust that this is what we are called to do, and do it ourselves with God as our leading light.

That said, today is a wonderful, wonderful day. Enjoy it.


  1. Can I be guardedly optimistic if I promise to work toward happy?

    They got the "show". Now it's time for the "go". Otherwise it's just another distraction.

    We get today to party. but...
    We can't expect Fitz to do everything.

  2. It really is a glorious day.


  3. I'm trying to smile, honest!

  4. 'Gal, as mostly always, you're right on the money.

    My take on The Change isn't that we have someone at The Top who'll make it all better, but rather that we have someone at the top who will listen.

    Imagine if you will how a President Obama might have reacted if tens of millions of Americans were marching in the streets, insisting that a proposed war must not happen.

    So now, we need to organize and march for Single Payer Health Care, for Marriage Equality for ALL, and for tax policies built on the understanding that those to whom so much has been given need to give more back to the system which afforded them such riches.

    It's always been our job to fix this mess; now we have a President who might just listen to us!

  5. YES; What The Runt said.

    Imagine: The guvnmint trying to teach the nation's children (and um, parents) through insipidness that a mistake is just a tool for learning. Ha!

    But anytime "the still small voice" gets mentioned, I just gotta celebrate!

    Don't Dance Angry. Be The Happy.


    Thanks, BG.

    * (word verification)

  6. Please help. I want to be happy. I'm 23 years old, the love of my life that I wanted to be with forever cheated on me and has now moved on to someone else, I just filed bankruptcy, had to move back home with parents, I can't drive because I was (and trying to stop) drinking my problems away, no friends, looking for a well paying job like I had before...just wanting to be happy like I was not too long ago. Any advice will help me. I don't have anyone to "vent" my feelings to and no one around me really understands. I hurt and am SO tired of feeling this way. I try to stay busy, but my mind races at night and I can't sleep thinking about my past, etc. I have literally been up for two days straight. I need something, anything, maybe a friend that may help. Thank you so much for any advice you may have for me.


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