Thursday, January 8

Help us, Obi-Wonkette, you're our only hope!

Not only is Wonkette, which I have to admit is a funny and well-written blog, beating me as best liberal blog by a factor of oh, 700 billion to one, they appear to be kingmakers when it comes to other categories. When you have the ability to choose who will win the silver in your own race, that's power to respect, my friends.

So I hearby concede my crown to Wonkette and will treasure my Miss Congeniality ribbon on my own time.

I call on my readers to pester encourage Wonkette to endorse Driftglass. Otherwise, the winner of "best individual blogger" will be the person who posted this on November 19 of last year. Linky? I don't think so:

President Bush was right to keep America out of the Kyoto treaty...Bush...was effective on the environment in ways you never heard about in the mainstream media....Bush was also right about Gitmo...Bush was also right - and courageous - about the surge in Iraq.

I hate to be negative, but I think Driftglass is the best writer in the blog world, and I don't particularly like that batshit crazy nun-wannabe. If you haven't voted for Driftglass in the past 24 hours, please go now. And email Wonkette, she's our only hope.


  1. Not only is Driftglass coming in second to that nutter ridiculous, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is behind Jammie wearing fool for the love of the gods!

  2. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Done. why are the awards so biased in favor of the nutjobs? I mean the lists of nominees is stunning.

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM

    As a pseudo-regular Wonkette commentator, I pledge to wield all my authority to see this call to action bear fruit, including threats to expose a few of the dead bodies lying about there. I'll blago them to death on this one.


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