Sunday, January 11

Some color for Sunday

Getting back to knitting is part of my plan to stay sane during these amazing and difficult times. To that end I decided this weekend that I need to finish some projects before I start new ones, and to THAT end I cataloged six of them at my until-now-unused Ravelry account. (They're also at my Flikr account if you can't get into the Ravelry site.)

I realized while making this composite picture, that the difference between a wip (work in progress) and a ufo (unfinished object) is that wip's have optimism attached to them. The knitting projects shown are all wip's.

Driftglass has been endorsed by the wonderful big blogs Wonkette and Sadly, No!. Thanks to everyone for voting, keep going until it all ends tomorrow!

Also BG recommended: Best UK Blog Created in Birmingham, still in a very close race as of this writing. I'm not doing any more links at this late date where the vote is not close. If you think my small, yet dedicated, readership can make a difference in a race, point it out in comments.

I expect to knit today. Please vote for Driftglass and Created in Birmingham, and then have a calm, lovely Sunday.


  1. i love the color of the socks and the light purple!!

  2. I just voted, again. And Drifty is now in the lead and I think you may have a lot to do with it, so congrats BG on your hard work.

  3. it's funny you should say that- i just sorted my 4 bags of yarn into tentative projects for the year- i crochet. i also pre-knit very badly :) i know how to knit and purl and that's it. i have numerous unfinished and not yet started needlework projects- and i have vowed to myself (and hubby) that i won't buy anymore materials until the ones i currently have are made into something useful :) luckily, my youngest sil is preggers and i am currently working on a baby blanket for her. :)

  4. I voted. I'm also promoting a fiction writer. I voted.

    Your projects look wonderful. I knitted when I was young. The switched to crochet for some reason. Then gave it up all together. Finally donated my yarn to a thrift shop.

  5. The samples of knitting look intriguing. I voted as urged by you through Fran. I'm glad I could.

  6. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Thought you would like to know that Driftglass is kicking ass now. A very good lead over the Anchoress. Now if folks wouldn't mind voting for my friend Maud Newton for Best Literature Blog, I'd appreciate it.

  7. Voted. And voted again.

    Love your ravelry site...beautiful knitter!


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