Thursday, December 13

And I quote....

Mark at The Aristocrats on the GOP field:
Tancredo and Hunter sure must enjoy campaigning, because there's no good reason for them to be there. ...Fred Thompson is still the candidate easiest to satirize. Ron Paul's meds finally seem to be kicking in.

If only that were true of his supporters. (Shit I'm gonna regret typing that.)

I wish you could link to individual comments at Skype Salon. I'd never be hard up for a post again. For instance, Driftglass at salon last Monday: "My kingdom for a brokered GOP convention."

And some darn fine writin' from Peeling Wallpaper. Click on that link and read the whole thing if you want entertainment, but here's a snip:

Just so you know, I’m dreaming right now. That you’re reading this while I sleep has to do with my new dream-to-blog technology which allows me to transcribe my dreams real-time onto my blog. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, there are the electrodes to deal with. The fire wire. The cranial wifi router. It only hurts a little.

Bob Marley is here with me. He says that I'm stressing too much in my day life and it's affecting my sleep cycle....

That cranial wifi router will getcha every time....


  1. I wish I had that nice piece of hardware interface for the moment that my dream stream apparently overlaps that of David Lynch.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Blue Gal.

    Bjork Bjork Bjork - Icelandic hiccups?


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