Thursday, December 13

Oh my...

The "please don't forsake Baby Jesus" thong sent to me by Omnipotent Poobah. Thanks, hon.

And look. As far as I'm concerned The Des Moines Register can set the guest list for their own debate with whatever criteria they wish.

But not after they invite Alan Keyes to the GOP one. Then they have to let Kucinich on the Democratic stage.


  1. I personally don't believe any private power should have the right to exclude candidates from a public debate. Business should have no part in the democratic process at all, or it ceases to be democratic. All candidates should be treated the same. There is a direct correlation between equality and liberty.

    Thanks for the linkin'.

  2. If there were any such thing as fairness in life, equality would extend to asking questions of all candidates equally. However, conventional wisdom states that drawing as many rating and selling as many advertising dollars as possible is of paramount, and thus the candidates at the top of the polls will get the lion's share of the attention.

    I think Kucinich should follow Gravel's lead and host a debate by which he replies directly to all applicable questions asked during the full Democratic debate.

  3. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Manila ryce: You got that right. Why the hell the Des Moines Register can bar a candidate is beyond me. But I don't think the establishment candidates give a shit.
    Comrade Kevin: In a just world, Kucinich would be leading. I've gone to his campaign site and I don't think there is one position he holds with which I disagree. Not true of the others.

  4. That undergarment is going to haunt me for the foreseeable future.


    - matttbastard

  5. I was going to say they invited Keyes because he's black, but I'm thinking that he's bats#it crazy has more relevance...


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