Tuesday, December 4

I don't wake up to an email like this every morning,
I'm tellin' ya.

Click for larger. Thank the good Lord for Loretta Nall, who's fighting the good fight on the Alabama sex toy front. Damn fundies need to focus on their own goddamn families, and btw yer momma would be a lot happier if she had a place in town where she could buy a vibrator legally.

I love it that Loretta wants to tell the State Legislature to quote, "take your religion and shove it up your..." but for me? The baby Jesus butt plug does cross the line of good versus poor taste. Just sayin'.


  1. i think the people that are the most vocal about other's sex lives and how to regulate them are the kinkiest in private.

  2. I wasn't gonna send the baby Jesus butt plug to the Legislature...I was gonna send the Immaculate Rod of God to Dan Ireland.

    I'm sick to death of these NO FUN asswipes being in my business and I aim to teach'em a lesson.

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I'm reminded of a line from Soul on Fire. Why does a back woman cry out teh name of Jesus, a blue eyed white man, when she comes.

    Sex and religion are always connnected.

  4. "The baby Jesus butt plug does cross the line of good versus poor taste"

    I agree! Adult Jesus butt plugs are much more tasteful.

  5. Does the 'baby Jesus butt plug' come with a heat-sensitive mini MP3 unit that plays 'Nearer My God To Thee'?


  6. is Loretta Nall just an alias for Lorena Bobbitt?

  7. I get a lot of spam for "male enhancement" products.

    One of the most recent promised a "Queen-Sized Schlong." Which means...?

  8. Anonymous7:29 AM

    "Immaculate Rod of God "...you're killin me...

  9. I don't know why I never expected to be "baby Jesus" and "butt plug" in the same sentence.

  10. Best subject line ever.

    And I agree about the religious sex toys. I loves me some blasphemy but I have too much Catholic left in me to go there.

  11. haha!

    i tagged you, by the way... if you have time.


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