Monday, December 17

Vlog 12/18

When I say this is just a quick vlog, I lie. But it is one minute less than last week's, so that's progress. (only 16 minutes of your life you'll never have again!)

A link to the Op Ed on licensing bloggers as journalists is here.

Steve Gilliard piece from which I read is here.

The petition against Telecom Immunity is here.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM


    When you cross that divide you will find freedom, you will breathe easier and wonder why you stayed in the closet for so long.

    There is a famous Norman Rockwell that depicts a commonman standing up in a public meeting to speak his mind.

    I sat in meetings for years, then I stood up one day and have never sat down again.

    This one was from your heart, which is difficut to expose in public. The hard part of your life is now behind you.



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