Thursday, December 20

Oh crap, Drudge is gettin' all in my bidness.

Here I was looking forward to starting my morning celebrating Global Orgasm Day 48 hours early and instead I wake up to some buzzkill Drudge crap about a John Edwards love child.

Mister Edwards, please, please, wave around the receipt for your vasectomy. In fact, I'd letcha go on Fox just so you could wave it in Chris Wallace's face. I wish at least one candidate would.

And then we have Fox telling me Rudy wants to show me his softer side? That's it. Hang up the muthafukkin phone I'm outta bed now.

H/t to The Aristocrats' Paul for the orgasm item. As long as Rudy's softer side is not involved, G.O.D. (heh) is the perfect way to end Zappadan.


  1. that reminds me of a graphic I made for you but never sent. It's on it's way.

  2. I seriously doubt Edwards has a love child. Nor can I understand why the right is going after him considering he has run, at best, a distant third so far.

  3. The wingtards are far more afraid of Edwards than they are the rest of them. That's why they're pulling this sh*t.

    The fascination with the closet queen Drudge, I just do not get. That near-illiterate POS has been right ONE TIME in the last 10 years. Granted, that's 1 more time than Chimpy's been right, or Hewitt, or Malkin, or C***ler..... hey, I guess I DO understand why they love Drudge so much after all.

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Jolly Roger: The right wing loves the closet queen because he will post bullshit about anyone they want to smear. And I think you are right, Edwards scares them the most. That said, given how many right wingers are closet cases themselves, maybe their love for Drudge is understandable.

  5. The Right is going after Edwards because they perceive him to be a special type of class traitor, IMO...and it doesn't surprise me that they would use Drudge, the half-inch man in the kingdom of the eunuchs, among their other operatives to perform the slurs.

  6. Rudy shaves his jingle bells when he dresses in drag. Trust me, you don't want to see his "softer side".

  7. opps, should have been "now"

    need more coffee!

  8. Edwards raises the ire of the Corporatists and their mouth-monkeys because he's the only one bringing home the message that We The People are being sucked dry by the greedy fucking bastards at the top.

    Rich or not, John Edwards is a Populist.

    And he's My Man.


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