Wednesday, December 19

The Telecom Companies send a little gift to Senator Feinstein

They sent her a gift certificate so she could pick out her own, the sweethearts.

I mean, everybody's being so nice...I think there are some Democrats in California who would like to give her early retirement, too.


  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Always remember, she made her name on the corpses of Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk. I've read somewhere that Milk never trusted her. With good fucking reason.

  2. Feinswine is a known benefactor of the Iraq war (her husband is a partner in one of the military industrial complex companies) as well as being a political opportunist.

    She is nothing more than a Repugnican in butch Democrat clothing.

  3. Arrrrgh! How those telecoms and their enablers piss me off. The worst of it is that we are paying both the government who buys our records and the telecoms who sell them!

    And I dodn't know she was such a dumpy little fireplug till we went to DC to see her :-D


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