Saturday, December 29

William Shater IS Ron

"Please Mister Shatner, teach me how to be popular!" "I've tried, Blue Gal, but you just won't put out wit' me."

Help me write this movie, folks, in comments.


  1. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I never sold the movie rights. I'm suing.



  2. Why, yes you did. You sold them to me. I'll have my people be in touch with your people.

    But don't expect this to end nicely. It never ends nicely.

  3. 'I know your type, America...You taunt, you flounce and make that little pursy pouty face. But a man has needs, America...Deep, abiding needs.

    All the other guys don't respect you, America...They manage your trade, then they discard your principles.
    Yes, sometimes a man wants to be alone, isolated, and sometimes we just want to be with our own kind...but sometimes our darker impulses rise up and require discipline - Or release.

    I'm not lying to you, America...It's going to be long and hard. But when it gets too tight, I'll ease the restrictions...And I promise I'll pull out. They'll be shrinkage, but I'll control it with a firm hand. And you'll be mine, America...You will be mine.'


  4. first life is so much worse for this planet since Margaret Rose Kiel did not have a career.

    second, as for Shatner, he can beam them all up to the same planet as Ricardo Montalban and let them freeze or get eaten by tribbles or something.

    third -- didnt you think the music was worthy of an Oscar?

  5. I must have been a teen tramp of the explosive generation in past life.

  6. i just loooovvvvveee crap like that! ; )

  7. The Teenage Tramp is like the Reefer Madness of sex, huh?.

    I'll recommend Superbad to watch with teens if that movie with The Shat isn't available at your local video market. It might be slightly less awkward and conversation provoking, though.

  8. Is it just me, or does Ms. Margaret Rose Kiel (the apparently unaccented Austrian) look an awful lot like Seka (the Platinum Princess of Porn)?

    Er... so I've heard.


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