Monday, December 31

Salon tonight and Happy New Year

This year's gonna take courage from all of us. I found this a help this morning. We're going to have to stand up to the mofos, even if they threaten hemlock. Stay away from the Kool-Aid, folks.

Sorry no time/freedom for video blogging today but tonight if you're around at 9 Eastern salon is on. See you then or otherwise have a great New Year's. XOXO


  1. wonderful wishes to you and yours and all the people that come here.

  2. Best in the new year, Blue Gal. Forward ho and all that.

  3. Always worth remembering one of the great contrarians of the world!

  4. Umm. This is inaccurate.

    Socrates was convicted by a fairly small margin. But when the time came for pleading for mitigation, instead of offering the jurors a penalty for himself which was not death, he chose to provoke them and claimed they should honor him as they would a victor in the Olympics. The result was that many more jurors voted for his execution than did for his conviction.

    Why did he do so? Xenophon (who was a close friend but who was not present) offers a plausible explanation: he was weary of old age and considered suicide to be an offense against the gods.


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