Friday, December 14

Harry Shearer's got a channel.

And there's lots of other stuff to choose from, too.

My Damn Channel has some talent on it. Kinda like Huffpo in the early days (when was that, like, ten months ago?).

They've got Don Was. Huh.

And I like Harry Shearer a lot. He's beaming the name of David Hasselhoff as the 2008 candidate...oh nevermind.

The videos are funny in spite of the ads. Guys, I feel as if I've already seen the new Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts movie six times.


  1. He has quite the nice radio show too, called Le Show, which is freely available from various outlets on the web.

    I'm subscribed to the podcast from

  2. Oops, I regret the error.

  3. I'm a KCRW member (yeah, they got me during pledge month)...I recommend Le Show as well as many of their other fine news and musical programming.

    Speaking of the Huffington Post, remember when it was actually good? That was before Arianna allowed any bozo with a computer to write posts for their blog. These days there is some spectacular crapulence on their site.

  4. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts made a movie together? Isn't this foretold in the Book of Revelations?



  5. Oh, panties, panties, panties. Hehehe.


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