Sunday, December 30

My Favorite New Word


[from a commenter at Tengrain's].

On topic:

I watched all four episodes of the NBC series Manimal precisely because it was too awful to last. You see, life holds few distinctions, and I could at least say I never missed a Manimal. In exactly the same vein I would LOVE to volunteer for Fred Thompson in Iowa, so I could say I did this really awful thing and then it was over.

Here's the scene where Manimal (Simon McCorkindale) and his girl Friday discuss admitting publicly that they are for Fred Thompson:

Thompson's website calls itself "the Fredosphere", and celebrates a "blogburst for Fred." I mean, doesn't that sound really painful in a really cool way? OW! And my browser feels soiled now, too, not just from the Manimal youtube.

Rudy Giuliani's campaign has purchased a sponsored link on Google for the search term "Fred Thompson 08". WHAT a fucking vulture.


  1. Anonymous1:33 AM

    I've really enjoyed watching the jizzing and de-jizzing of the Fred faithful here in Tenner-see.

  2. i need to interview you as the ONLY person WHO ever watch Manimal....

    (they will love it at work)

    as for Fred --- you mean reruns of Law & Order (which allowed Fred unlimited use of the NBC makeup dept) arent enough to push his "mo". NBC cant air episodes of Fred's L&O while he is running

    i still hear echoes of Kate O'SmellyCrotch (Beirne) saying "he has such excellent conservative credentials"


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