Monday, December 31

okay I lied...

Here's a video blog for today after all...

ten minutes, part two is four minutes, and you need to turn your volume down because I laugh too loudly at this hilarious book on Asperger's Syndrome.


  1. This is a great vlog BG. And I learned something new about you, always a bonus.

  2. Good Lord!!!

    Is there anything more hubristic than calling your wife a UNIT and contrasting her with her sisters, also called units???

    For one thing, the science is wrong, and the genetic material is mix-and-match (otherwise, all siblings would be identical twins). For another, even if you're trying to give the same training to three different children, the actions taken in the course of training will occur during DIFFERENT moments in time, with exceedingly different circumstances.

    That objectification of others is not just grounds for divorce. It is an indictment of our society, that allows it to happen!

  3. Spirit chooses who is Heyoka and many other Wonders

  4. Shunra I used to call my parents Parental Units. And the book has a lot about his inability to use people's real names, he always seems to need a descriptive title for each person. He calls one compulsively dieting relative "chubster" even though she is NOT overweight. He's abusive like many aspies are, for sure. But he's self-effacing and funny about it, and his family seems to take it as a sign of his in this case definitely compromised wiring rather than a personal attack. It must be very hard to live with him.

  5. That reasoning only works if the abusive aspie always and only encounters people old, mature, and with-it enough to understand, accept, and laugh off his abusive quips.

    Add to the mix *any* measure of human vulnerability (post partum depression; a sensitive child; an artist on whom he'd stomp; someone with ANY open spot) and the abusive aspie becomes a destructive bull in a very fragile china shop.

    Plenty of examples in my own life. His environment is letting him get away with it.

  6. an artist on whom he'd stomp

    ouch. yep.

    and I still think this is a funny book because of his self-awareness and that his family does find ways to deal. The Aspie abusers I know would never ever write such a book about themselves where any weakness was shown.

  7. Best. Vlog. Ever.

    Have a Wonderful Happy This Year, Blue Gal!

  8. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Happy New Year. I do say "How are you" and talk about the weather. As an NT I have been conditioned to do so . . . but your comments certainly make me wonder what for. There certainly can be other pleasantries that are more sincere. As for being a "unit," my ex called me a "Spousal unit" so there is something peculiar about this finding! Thanks for your insights.

  9. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Oh Yes and my Asperger daughter could never call me Mommy or Mom. Instead she would spell it. I was "M" "O" "M". (She taught herself to read very early on of course.)I remember one time when she thanked me for something in front of several other teenagers. When she said thank you "M" "O" "M" one of the other girls quipped, "Wow! That's how my Mom spells her name too!"

  10. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Oh, I just thought I was a nutty professor type and that the blog/computer has become my lab. I never know what to say when people ask me how I am. I might answer, "I had oatmeal for breakfast." As far as the social thing goes, I just stay home a lot and work myself up to going out.

    You might also be five on the enneagram (old system of personality types from Sufism). We sometimes act like disembodied heads.


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