Monday, December 10

Gave up and vlogged on Mitt Romney.

Hey folks. You don't need to listen to seventeen minutes of me on Mitt Romney, etc. but do read this article, and this one, if you haven't already.

Salon tonight. Hope to see you there!

Update: Oh Dang just go read the General's "Huckabee's Jesus." Yup.


  1. I took issue with what I found to be Romney's bafflegab regarding 'freedom and religion'...This nonsensical juxtaposition that he indulged himself in that portends much, yet remains an empty vessel.

    Whatever one might think of LDS (disclosure: I have family members in that faith), I don't find Romney representative of them in general, although his demeanor does smack somewhat of behaviors found among the Salt Lake hierarchy that passively encourages alternative interpretations in order to leave room for the pursuit of revisionist doctrine to be named later.

    Perhaps this is a policy of broad inclusiveness, or an unspoken element of control...The end result is the same.

    As far as 'saving conservatism'...Since the Republicans are now the political action wing for those whose faith is so tenuous that they must codify it throughout the legislative process so that adherence to specifically Christian belief can be legally enforced..I would view it as interventionist surgery, removing the healthy tissue from the cancer, so to speak.

    My non-professional diagnosis at this time is that the patient is beyond saving.


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