Tuesday, December 23

Another reason why Blago has to go and fast.

They're rushing, well, as fast as the Illinois State Legislature can rush, what wit da holidaze an' all, to get Governor Blagojevich out of office.

This coming February marks the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. Kind of a big deal in Illinois. We don't need no crooks on the dais, if ya know what I mean. (What is it about Blago that makes me and everyone else write like we're mobsters?)

The three magic words that get more done faster than any other at the state and local level, my friends: "Bad for tourism."

What we Illinois Democrats would really like is for some FOX Noos Wise Guys to, ya know, doo what dey doo with Mister L's party affiliation:

And while yer at it, couldja make Blago a Republican?

On topic, I think calling this administration Lincoln 2.0 is presumptuous, arrogant, foolhardy and yes, dangerous.


  1. 'Lincoln 2.0'...?

    These hopies and makeabucks are really asking to be clowned with extreme prejudice.

    One guy isn't going to save the country, it'll have to be the whole population, with all your pals in the not-U.S.A, too...And it won't be with some misappropriated nomenclature, either.

  2. Good Friggin' Lord, we're arguing about which Bible he should use while right-wing radio is still insisting it'll be a Koran on The Big Day.

    By the way, I'm really diggin' the new dumbed-down word verifications, it's like I can actually pronounce them now.

    This one is derph.

    Somebody musta complained.

  3. Boy do I miss Illinois.

    They won't make him a Republican; how about a Lake Michigan freshwater reef?

    And I hear that it's one big skating rink there tonight. . . ugh.

    Be careful out there.

  4. Since Blago shows no sign of recognizing reality and Fitzmas has been postponed, somebody should 'splain to him that he has an opportunity to defuse the case against him slightly by justmaking the damn appointment. It's not just his right as Gov, but his duty.

    Chuck the "list".
    Patrick Quinn is qualified, above reproach and not really needed if Rockin' Rodney is intent on sticking around until the verdict is read. I'm sure Quinn wasn't on the short list, but media and IL Reproblicans would be hard-pressed to object.

    Simple. CLEAN. With the advantage of making the R's look foolish trying to rewrite the rules.

    I miss Illinois too MH. (And I still live here) While it is currently looking like a monumentally fucked up place politically, it should be noted that the once dominant R party (Crook County exempted) in Illinois spent the last 30 years rewriting the rules to cement their power statewide using the economic base of Chicago to bring good things to the downstate voters, to reward their cronies, to enrich themselves and generally behave like the opportunistic bastards they really are.

    In that agar, Blago was simply applying (badly) the powers enjoyed by Ryan, Edgar, Thompson.
    Doesn't excuse or mitigate Blago's stupidity and arrogance, just puts it in context. It was known that Blago was a snake when he was elected (twice) but he was a Crook County outcast and thus acceptable to co-opt in the grand Springfield tradition.

    Merry Christmas BG.

  5. merry merry, bg!

    i think the media is setting up obama to be a sorce of national enquirer type news and the republicans will be like sharks the very 1st time something doen't work out and gridlock will be back.

    politics are not entertainment and the news media has lost it's purpose.


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