Thursday, December 4

Inauguration news you might have missed...

I saw on the gmail ad strip an "Obama Inauguration" hotel discount. I clicked since I'd heard reports of price gouging at DC area hotels. The hotel offering a 15 percent discount for the Inauguration is in Lancaster Pennsylvania, approximately 120 miles from DC. Which you will drive to in January.

And we thought Obama celebrity hype was over. This is apparently the concert of the season, my friends. And to think I didn't drive to St. Louis last August because I thought Dave Matthews Band was gonna be too crowded.

I gotta give them credit for having an "OBAMA" rate, which is actually good for the entire month. Good marketing to teh Google set.

By the way, I have a useful task for the NSA domestic spy machine: they should collect the names of anyone buying Mangroomer's "Essential Do-It-Yourself Electric Backshaver" and cancel their stimulus checks.

I was not compensated in any way for bringing these products and services to your attention, dammit.


  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    But they are fine products.

  2. On the news tonight it was announced that the entire length of the Mall will be opened for the Inauguration. This is huge!! In the past it's only been opened to about 4th Street. The Lincoln Memorial, where the Mall ends, is at about 20th Street.

    Maybe I should advertise my spare room and basement! I'm 110 miles closer than Lancaster!



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