Tuesday, December 9

Does your cat have behavior problems? (Mature language)


  1. K, that's MFin' funny.

    What is it with toddlers and cats? They're like cheetahs and Thompson's gazelles - living in a state of symbiotic predation. Maxine lives to alternatively shriek at and shrink from the cats, who time and again walk into her sights.


  2. I have two young cats who are celebrating their first Christmas by destroying our tree. Where do I send them for deprogramming?

  3. I need a program like this for MFin' squirrels

  4. As a dog lover, I fuckin' love this!

  5. What Threadingwater said.

  6. FDChief: Toddler and cats are probably bent on mutual destruction because they're *too* alike. Both are deeply irrational; both rely on their cuteness for survival.

  7. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    It's a beauty.

    I have a couple of potential candidates in mind, I am just not sure the fourteen year old resident evil Feline would survive.

  8. have anything for a chubby 10 month old puggle???? pleeeeaaaassssseeee! ; )

  9. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Awww. My favorite BG film so far. Love that ten fingers out-power scream! (Our 15 year old cat on life nine disappeared in broad daylight last week; )a: Coyote; )b: Bobcat; )c: Great Horned Owl; )d: alien abduction. I don't think she suffered. She was such a pussy I'm sure she fainted immediately.)

  10. Very funny! Loved it. Kids and cats what a great combination; I remember being the same way with my cat when I was that age.

  11. Hilarious!! I'm sending it on to my vet right now! :-D

  12. Anonymous3:06 AM

    I've had cats most of my life, and many other animals as well.
    I also have very young children who have been raised with four loving felines. Several individuals warned me that I'd better keep those "nasty cats" away from my babies. Well, guess what, all a parent has to do is be a f*****g parent, and supervise the inevitable interactions which transpire. That is not the case in this vid--Somehow, the humor escapes me. Children need to be taught how to respect animals, not torment them.

  13. munchkinpup, and vice versa.

    No cats or toddlers were harmed in the making of this video. I did come across video of a cat actually scratching a toddler, and the awful result of a toddler actually putting a cat in a microwave oven.

    But as you point out, that's not funny.

    My video, on the other hand, is MFin' funny, particularly to those who have Cats With An Attitude. A long weekend in a house with (even well parented) toddlers would straighten those kitties right out.

    But if I have to explain that, then the joke fails you, or something.

  14. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I'm with munchkinpup. That wasn't funny.

    Idiot parents allow their kids to torment the pets, quite often the pets understandably react with a bite or a scratch, and too often the pet ends up dead at the pound because of it ("Sparky bit without warning!" or "That unpredictable cat almost cost little Madison her eye!") Only the cutesy videos of tolerant critters ever seem to make it to YouTube, not the ones of the kid at the plastic surgeon's or the now unadoptable dogs and cats terrified at being dumped and then being euthed by strangers.

    This was my first visit to your blog (came over from Shakesville) but I'm unlikely to be back. The other entries are amusing enough, but I find the ignorance and lack of compassion in both the video *and* your comments in this entry to be neither funny nor clever.

  15. Oh Isis, speaking for myself, Thank you for reminding me what a tight assed bunch of concern trolls rule the day at Shakespears Sister and many happy cat turds in your shoes.
    Fuck, for proclaiming to be liberals, you have absolutely no fucking sense of humor.
    Please direct your vitriol to me, Google Ornery Bastard and I will be more than happy to show you how to Bagpipe a fucking cat.
    Christ.Ask Santa for some new underwear that ain't twisted into a knot.

    Busted , teh evil cat owner and caller of Bullshit.

  16. Crap, sorry BG, bad form on my part.

  17. BN, since you direct my readers to your own blog and take responsibility for your statement, I'll let it stand. However, I have to say that I consider Melissa McEwan a personal friend. She and I don't always see eye to eye, but she certainly isn't responsible for the views and comments of all her readers any more than I am. And when she links to me I see hits for weeks. She's a friend of this blog, and her readers are always welcome here, even when they throw tiaras (love that image Darkblack) and say they won't return.

    One thing that's really funny about the comment in question is where she says "Only the cutesy videos of tolerant critters ever seem to make it to YouTube" but every cat on my mashup came from youtube, the bad and the good.

    One more thing. I love cats and I love children and they are not the same thing. There goes my PETA membership.


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