Wednesday, December 3

There is video of this Hello Kitty Wedding.

But you'll have to click the image to go see it. I was afraid the embed code might melt my laptop. They decorated the flowers in his white carnation boutonniere and her bouquet to look Hello Kitty! too.

h/t Tacky Weddings, of course. Even though the last time I linked them I was accused of being a slut shamer.

Hello, Kitty. Are those genuine Swarovski crystals on your choker?


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    That's mean.

    Was you Wedding gift a bunch of diapers?

  2. It's high time that every wedding in the world gets so commercialized. Think of the potential:
    A football clash via Johnboy Madden, where the groom and bride where team colors and CLASH at the altar!
    The bride and groom dresses as the goofy groundskeeper and Lacey from Caddyshack!

    Wow, that second idea takes hold and even I'll try and get married again!!!

  3. I believe that a pair of ritual suicides is in order.

  4. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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