Monday, December 29

Caroline Kennedy: We Don't Care To See Your "O" Face

Whether you feel she is qualified or not, there's no arguing that it's about ficking time someone called the media on their "handling" of women in politics. Caroline Kennedy deftly hands two NY Times reporters their gravy sacks:

"Have you guys ever thought about writing for, like, a woman’s magazine or something?" she asked them. "I thought you were the crack political team."

Of course, now she'll have to make it up to "women's" magazines:

Oh nevermind making it up to the women's mags, Mrs. Schlossberg. Every title on the magazine cover is for real. Yes, "The Trick that Attracts Hot Guys Like Crazy" is right there with "How to Outsmart a Date Rapist."

Don't get me started about "Your Orgasm Face: What He's Thinking When He Sees It." If I had to worry about such things, Cosmo, I wouldn't be in bed with him AT ALL, let alone enjoying it. Tremendously. As I said, don't get me started.

On topic: There's some terrific poetry, "Life Lessons I Learned From Popular Woman's Magazines" posted here. Don't miss it.


  1. i really loved the poetry!

  2. Not really my fight anymore because I support PRD's Balbina Herrera for President of the Republic of Panama and PRD's Bobby Velasquez for Mayor of the capital in next May's election, but...

    ...Paterson's being in NY politics since he was in the womb. Caroline Kennedy committed the one act that would get her immediately disqualified. She could have called Paterson "a blind N" to his face and she wouldn't have pissed him off more.

    She sought Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's endorsement behind Paterson's back. It's hard for me as someone born in New York City to explain exactly why that move was boneheaded on every level and racist besides, because you have to get what's going on at such a deep level to feel it but I'll try.

    Silver and Paterson have known each other basically since childhood. Normally, the Govenor, the Assembly Speaker and the State Senate Majority leader share power in a balance that has to be respected at all times, such that everyone walks away with a little something and always with his dignity. No matter party or ideology.

    When Bruno a right-wing Republican was Majority Leader, Silver, a conservative Democrat, and Paterson, a liberal Democrat were together, they got along great and balance was fine. Now, with the Democrats and Republicans tied in the State Senate, Silver and Paterson are using their friendship and years of working together to figure out a way to divide up this power that's up for grabs. It might all sound dirty, but it's not. It's how NY is. Albany doesn't do politics. It does business.

    Paterson and Silver's first and last phone calls each day are to each other. For Caroline Kennedy to THINK that she could approach Silver as an agent for her to get to David Paterson and that he'd keep her confidence and provide his agency on her behalf is crazy. He was on the phone to Paterson two seconds after and then announced to the press that he disapproved of her as a choice.

    Furthermore, she went to two of Paterson's downstate opponents and critics, Bloomberg and Richard Parsons for endorsements.

    She has somehow convinced herself that she and only she can provide a conduit for Paterson to President Obama! That's delusional. The day that Obama doesn't take David Paterson's phone call is the first day of the end of Obama's presidency. Paterson is the African-American Democratic governor of the #1 or #2state in the USA. And Obama's going to have to campaign for him next year like there's no tomorrow. Because there isn't.

    As a one-time New Yorker, I'd prefer Carolyn Maloney or Kristen Gillibrand myself.


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