Thursday, December 18

The Promised Compassion Post

There's a lot going on in the world, much of it scary, some just awful. After a really hard day last week, I sat down to read a recent New Yorker, and found this wonderful article (sorry that only the abstract is posted.**) by Roger Rosenblatt about the death of his 38-year-old daughter. I know, it sounds like it's a downer, but Rosenblatt and his wife are helping to raise their three grandchildren, who range in age from 23 months to 7 years.

This is an article about raising children, grief, loss, growing, living, you know, the stuff many of us live with all day.

And one sentence jumped out at me: the advice from the dead woman's Filipino nanny. I post it as a jpeg because I'm also posting it above my desk:

For some, this is a time of sad Christmas memories, the review of a tough year, or fear of a tough year ahead. At times like this I'm very glad to be reminded to quietly, humbly, put my finger to my lips and count my blessings.



**Hey New Yorker! You think only your paper subscribers are going to read you online? Please.


  1. I like that sign a great deal. It reminds me of a story I heard years ago – and after looking around, it appears it was the story of Kisa Gotami. Mustard seeds are popular

  2. i like the sign a lot. thanks

  3. That's a great sentiment to bear in mind while traversing the rough patches; thank you.

  4. Anonymous7:26 PM

    It doesn't matter if a bazillion others go through something. Until you go through it, it may as well be just words on a sign. But Jesus said, " The yoke is easy and the burden of truth is light." Arrrgg. Buck up, me hearties... and let compassion move your souls.

  5. A close friend killed himself a year ago.

  6. Blue Gal, I hear of your tenacity and awesome mothering. All the best to you and your family in 2009.

    Too funny that your name came up in conversation with Anne and husband Charlie. Bloggers Rule!

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    wonderful thought to post by the desk.

    and such lovely lips with such a delicate finger.

    all the best for 2009...may you live life to the full and survive to thrive with love and compassion and to hell with fashion.

    (my feet are long fellows)

  8. Thank you, I needed that. Picked up the jig or whatever these lovely gifts are and will post it.

  9. Geez, I just read the abstract of that article, and it nearly did me in.

    And yes - you *are* better able to handle it than most, I think, unless the real-life Blue Gal is entirely different than her online persona.


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