Monday, December 8

Video Blog, December 8

Happy Zappadan. Salon tonight!


  1. That's very nice. I know you weren't a fan back in year one, so just think of it as another nice thing that has come your way this year.

  2. Oh, I was a day or two early on the Zappadan wishes.

  3. And what is skype? Because I care and want to be a part of the blogswarm. Oh and what's a blogswarm?

  4. you really are one of the cool people.

    i, am one of the "old" people!

    i actually remember seeing the zappa censorship hoopla that i found on youtube! i could hear new wrinkles cracking on my face when i watched it. ; )

    happy zappadan to all!

  5. I miss Frank. His catalog is so huge that it's hard to just approach it hoping to find things you like and come away with anything without investing a lot of time in the sifting. Worth it though, in my opinion. When Sarah Palin got picked as would-be veep I started playing "Dumb All Over" (from the 1981 double LP "You Are What You Is") a lot. Seems Frank didn't think too highly of creeping theocracy.
    -Doug in Oakland


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