Monday, December 1

Oh my God! You killed Kitty!

This is what I look like after trying several times to get my laptop to quiet down enough to do a video blog. I'm off to get some compressed air to clean/quiet the fan, and probably a USB microphone. Sigh.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My day was nice and my weekend lovely.

Off topic: I went to the Clinton inaugural in 1993 and wound up going back to a friend's house in Virginia to watch it on the teevee. It was a nice day, but very crowded and reserved seats only along the parade route. People's Inaugural my ass. Eleanor Holmes Norton is right. DC should make sure there are indoor venues for the hoardes of tourists to watch this historic event, particularly since it's, ahem, January.

Salon tonight. Zappadan starts Thursday. There's a promo video in the post below, and I'm working on a bollywood Zappadan video for the holiday.



  1. Sounds like your laptop "needs to be blown". I have had a lot of friends bring me laptops with noisy fans or ones that shut themselves off from heat exhaustion.

    Shut it down. Do not shut the lid. Hold it on either side (without blocking the vents on the bottom). Wrap your mouth around the back of the unit where the fan intake is. Close your eyes. Blow as hard as you can.

    You should see an explosion of dust which shoots out the bottom, and up through the keys. That should quiet it down for a while and stay off a more serious service situation!

  2. I did that before I read your comment, and it helped a lot. I don't think I can get my lips around, oh nevermind.

    A can of compressed air will do this particular job better than I can. Just saying.

  3. Well, oh my word! This is exactly what is happening with mine. I've been using the "technical blow" to quiet it but will try the blow job and follow up with the canned air. It's so freaking annoying!

    We have nice weather though so there's that....

  4. You... you killed KITTY! :-)

    Love the little x's

    If you have critters (or long hair yourself) and the um, blow job doesn't help, time for a little laptop surgery. Open the lower cover such that you can get at the fan and remove the 6-10 ounces of wadded hair/fuzz/gadoo that's wrapped on the fan blades making them ineffective.

    I did this to my son's laptop (he sleeps with the dog, and never vacuums, enough said) and got A SANDWICH BAGGIE-FULL of hair-stuff out of just the 3" square fan housing. I'm amazed the poor thing ran at all.


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