Wednesday, December 24

A repost from an earlier Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I'm as busy as you are, probably, but still keeping my ear to the ground to see if Bush is going to pardon anyone today. The below is a post from an earlier Christmas. Have a wonderful day.

I made three batches of cookies yesterday which would not be necessarily bloggable, except I sang lefty ballads (rather than holiday carols) while mixing and measuring. Here are my recommendations for cookie recipes and their musical accompaniments:

Jiffy Mix Sugar Cookies, with two teaspoons almond extract and one cup dried cranberries mixed in...Billy Bragg, Accident Waiting to Happen.

Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip cookie mix, made with real butter and another cup of dried cranberries mixed in....Pete Seeger, Little Boxes.

Once-a-year pain-in-the-ass date balls (not a sex toy.) Nine Inch Nails, Head like a Hole.

Honestly, those date rolled in sugar things are delicious, especially with strong coffee, BUT.


  1. Loved the song to go with cookie making post. You must be planning to take the cookie love and spread it around.

  2. The brightest of seasons to you and your family, BG.


  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Merry Christmas, BG!

  4. Anonymous6:16 PM


    You white women sure can bitch about simple recipes. Greek cookies and pastries take hours to make an seconds to eat.

    My white wife still makes then every year and every years swears it will be her last batch.

    Funny how 12 months passage of time always over rules the time factor each year.

    Best to you and yours.

    Your heathen friend


  5. Happy Holidays!


  6. merry merry! i bought most of mine!

  7. Chocolate chip cookies? Two, please! Merry Christmas, Blue Gal!


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