Tuesday, December 16

The bush shoe video

Apparently, I gotta post it here, too. ha. Reminds me of the time my dad sent me some of his artwork, and I posted it at a much bigger blog than mine.

Dad: "Did you get my picture?"

Me: Yeah Dad, did you get lots of hits? I posted it to the big blog.

Dad: Oh, but you didn't post it to YOUR blog?


  1. Hiya BG, long time no speak!

    Nice moves by 'George The White House Chimp', doncha think?

    Sadly, I think the journalist in question chose the wrong footwear for the occasion. He should have chosen these.

    Don't be a stranger, y'hear?


  2. Haven't been in a while either, dear.

    My favorite post-chaussure headline:

    Al-Zaidi charged for throwing shoes in presence of Maliki, not for aiming at Bush

  3. "Shoez!" was my first thought when I heard of this, with the reporter screaming the "Faahk Yooo!" part at Incurious George!

    Nice job on the mash-up, Oh Talented One!

  4. Anonymous1:29 AM

    This Iraqi journalist was overstepping his bounds.

    Imagine what it feels like to be in his shoes. A man without sole, he needs to be laced up and booted!

    Unintentional shoe puns, slipped out!

  5. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Tell Me, O Great One:

    Will you do a Shoe Video when Obama becomes the target next year?

    You must respect the Office.

    You know that Obama cannot let this shoe-tossing at Bush pass, once he gets into Office because of his respect for the Office.


  6. OMG, that is frikkin' brilliant.


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