Tuesday, December 9

A quick post b/c our [Democratic? Really?] Governor is goin' to jail.

...And I love an excuse to run a little Was (Not Was). h/t Datacine for the band name correction.

Prog blogs being namby pamby about this because he's a Democrat need to stop it. No one hates Blogo as much as the Democratic machine in Illinois does. He's really a terrible governor. Never played team politics and was not invited to the Dem Convention.

I repeat. He was NOT INVITED to the Dem Convention. The Democratic Governor of Obama's home state. Not. Invited.

He was shoved under the bus by one of his own staff. The timing is to prevent him from appointing Obama's successor, because he was selling Obama's seat in the Senate to the highest bidder.

Since I moved to Illinois I have routinely heard Democrats wish for Blogo's defeat in the next election. I think it would he hard to piss off your own party that much in such a Blue State.

And selling Obama's Senate seat takes the cake. As if no one was watching him. You have to give him credit for being a genuine idiot, it is impossible to fake that.


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I don't believe any of the lies that the FBI is spouting about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich selling Barack Obama's old Senate seat to a Republican for a hefthy chunk of change. This type of Simony is a Mortal Sin that no one in their right mind would commit. Surely Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich would never sacrifice his Immortal Democrat Soul for 30 pieces of Silver.What is the World coming to?


  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Fidel and I had a deal

    Havana goes back to the mob and Fidel and I open a chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken shops.

    Ain't Life Sweet


  3. Thanks for the midwest political education, BG!

    I love to read your blog. It's where I do my postgrad study.

    Carry on!


    -And if anyone needs someone to work in that fried chicken shop . . . .

    Jest sayin'

  4. I just woke up. Hey, give me a break I live in Utah. But the first thing I do is hit the on button on my TV and saw the beginning of the Fitzgerald News conference. This is a Holy Crap story for me. Not knowing much about Illinois politics in general (I do remember the old Mayor Daily wasn't known to be the cleanest of POLs) but we have a different kind of political corruption in Utah, so this is very interesting news.

    And what the hell is going on with all the anonymous commenters today? lort here was at my place very early, or so it seems.

  5. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Utah Egavas:

    The name is spelled with 2 L's:


    You never failed to spell the name correctly when you used it spelled backwards to denounce someone. Also, I'll thank you to pronounce it correctly. Double-L is pronounced as if it were a "Y", as in GuiLLotine.



  6. Good riddance, I say.

  7. Best post on this topic. Thanks BG.

  8. Thanks for the midwest political education. What a surprise that power tends to corrupt!! First time in USA probably.

    Woodwork squeaks and out come the freaks.
    One nit to pick. They chose their name for the parentheses, Was (Not Was).

  9. I think the hair should've tipped us off from the very beginning.

  10. Jeez,

    Give me a break. I've been following it all day and find a few things about the coverage irritatingly dissonant.

    Perhaps Rod is a very bad guy, but doesn't anyone else worry about the use of wiretaps? Do you think every public official is now wiretapped (in order to take them out when it's convenient to the powers-that-be)? Think Eliot Spitzer.

    And don't think accusing me of being paranoid is going to talk me out of this. I am already (on good evidence).


  11. I friggin' LOVE that song, and everything else Don (And Posse) ever did!

    Now back to my Louis Prima and Keely Smith.

  12. Suzan you can bet your liberal latitude that Fitz brought lots of probable cause before a judge and that the judge issued what is called a "warrant" before la wiretaps came into the picture. That's the way they used to do it before Bushco. Also, Blago has been under investigation for this that and the other since the summer. That he would call the President Elect a motherfucker and say if he didn't get enough money for the Senate seat he'd fill it with his own self, knowing he MIGHT be wiretapped? Please. I fault him for hubris, corruption, and idiocy.

  13. Since everybody's blogging Blago I'll just float around and gloat in the comments sections.

    "You knew he was a snake when you picked him up!"

    George Ryan set teh bar so low.

    Us Crook Countians have been wise to Blago's bad Monty Hall impersonation (the resemblance is uncanny) since he parlayed marrying the ward boss Dick Mell's daughter into Dan Rostenkowski's barely cold seat in the United States House of Reps.

    With all due respect, DOWNSTATE voters elected this douchebag.
    The Crook County/Chicago Metro area vote was a dead heat in his race against Judy Barr Topinka. Downstaters' ignorance of Blago's resume didn't offset their utter disgust with the State level Reproblicans.

    Doesn't change Blago's numbing stupidity, just need the record to reflect...

  14. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Bluegal: I understand that the Lt. gov. is a good liberal democrat (and a former tax attorney, to boot). Maybe Illinois will finally get a clean, progressive governor? I feel like NY dodged a bullet when Spitzer stepped down and Paterson was elevated. Spitzer worried me because he was so ambitious that he made Hill look like a slacker. Paterson, on the other hand, seems to be doing a good job. Good luck.

  15. Okaaaaaaaaaay. Sorry for offending. It's not like I think he couldn't possibly be a bad guy (and that hair is a solid clue). Like I said, I'm learning about Illinois politics from you.

    And although I think Fitz is prolly above reproach, I still worry that the wiretaps now so freely used on the populace are a questionable tool for good governance (so easy to be abused), and yes, it's very good when probable-cause warrants are issued.

    It just had too much in common with the gotcha reporting of Spitzer's outing for my comfort level.

    But . . . I'm out of my depth here, so I'll listen and learn.


  16. PiNYC:
    Patrick Quinn is the Lt. Gov.

    His wiki is a good place to start for a read on his politics.

    Yes he's progressive, anti-corruption, started as a taxpayer advocate. Could never have won a general election for gov. Not flashy.
    Very Fitz like.

    You need to understand that Blago was/is an arrogant moron. Been that way since his yout. When he reached the gov shack, he tru his fadder in law under da bus. Then picked a fight with everyone who'd supported him. Petty, mean, vindictive and arrogant.

    So Palin-like but at 50x the $$$$ and out only for himself.

  17. Thanks, Rehctaw,

    Now I get it.

    I think that "yout" description did it.

    I'm studying up on the Illini now.


  18. Thank god that's all figured out. Now I think I can sleep. You guys seem to have it under control.

  19. perfect video for the perfect governor.

  20. Blue Gal,

    I don't know how long you've lived in Illinois, but you're right about everything about GRod. He is an embarrassment to all of us in Illinois who proudly call ourselves Democrats.

    To me, the saddest part of the whole thing is that he came into office in 2002 on a huge wave of public support. He was talked about as possibly running for president in 2008. He was a populist and promised to clean up the mess Gov. George Ryan left. And he squandered all of it. Every last bit.

    Even in 2006, when we hadn't been entirely happy with all that he'd done those first 4 years, we voted for him again believing him to generally honest and not being convinced that Judy Baar Topinka (R) could fix the problems.

    Blago is a huge disappointment and has horribly embarrassed all of us. And it's worse given that Barack is so opposite of him.

    I worry that many of the young people and people who got engaged in the 2008 election because of Barack will be equally as turned off by this whole Blago mess.


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