Friday, December 19

Other things George Bush hasn't made up his mind about...

Did anyone else catch Bush yesterday saying "he hadn't made up his mind yet" about the auto bailout? I guess he was waiting for Deep Throat to die. Here's what else he can't make up his mind about, feel free to add your own in comments:

1. Joe Lieberman: Playstation or towel?

2. Try to find all the hidden shooter bottles or just leave 'em.

3. Whether to tell Pickles about the election results.

While he's working out which of the Big Three SUV's will be waitin' for him when he gets to his white suburban Dallas retirement mansion, the President Elect is helping automotively in the only way anyone in Illinois cares about right now:

from that bicycle site. If you haven't been there before you just keep clicking.


  1. It's all gone bad in Deetroit 'cause of those damn UNIONS! I overheard Bushie saying, "As soon as working class unions are kaput everything will be roses."

    Being an agnostic buddy of Chicken Little, I would like to say this, perhaps unreasonable thing, if GM, Ford and Crysler made better cars, much as Honda and Toyota have done, I bet more than a few people would gladly buy from the Big Three. But they've been making dopey boring uninspired cars for so long now, we've all turned away. BUT THOSE UNION ECONOMY BUSTERS .... NO MORE GATEWAY TO THE MIDDLE CLASS!

  2. Being a Michigan resident who works for an automotive supplier, I am very concerned about what happens to the "big three."

    All automotive sales are slow, including Toyota and Honda.

    I don't solely blame the UAW or the big three CEOs for their downturn; they all had their part in it. If they aren't part of the solution then they are part of the problem.

  3. I'm being trolled by anonymous commenters who are in favor of the union busting. I just delete them, but today I posted a notice.

    I wanted to be union organizer. Norma Ray was my hero.

    And how in hell do we blame the workers for management decisions about what cars to build? Fire the guys at the top. No bonuses, no golden parachutes.

  4. 4. Whether he will use the insanity defense at his War Criminal trial, or blame Dick.

    5. Whether to accept the blindfold at his execution, or have a last cigarette.

    6. Whether he will use the insanity defense at Judgment Day, or cry like a baby.

  5. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Cant't make up his mind about...

    7. Whether or not to accept job as spokesperson for Sock and Awe online game.

    8. Whether he needs to spend hard earned money on electrolysis.

    9. Whether or not to open a massage parlor in Germany.

    10. If he asks Sarah Palin to go deer hunting, will Todd want to come along?

    11. Comic books? Or stamp collection?

  6. 12. Decide if he should Disclose Dick Cheney's undisclosed location....what if the old coot refuses to leave & no one knows where to find him?

    13. Should he show his face in public @ the Obama inauguration .... maybe he should call in sick, and not risk having shoes thrown at him?

    14. Steal all the letter "O" keys from white house computers on their way out?


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