Wednesday, December 17

Stone cold sober, as a matter of fact.

I just love it when a brand new reader and first-time, anonymous, non-blogging commenter tells me they "won't be back" in part because I and my writing lack compassion.

Since she won't be back, this is an open thread for laughing at said commenter's geeky clothes behind her back. I agree, I think she probably does sleep in that PETA t-shirt.

And I'm posting the "Pamela Anderson pole dancing" version because I hear Pamela also sleeps in a PETA t-shirt, or nothing at all. Sisterhood is powerful!

We'll return to compassionate blogging tomorrow.


  1. I would suppose Elton knows about pole dancing.

  2. My first wife's father started me in business years ago and he once said " the best thing about being self employed is that you have the freedom to, on occasion, tell a well deserving person to go to hell."

  3. hi, I am a new reader (about 3 months checking out your blog) and have to say I love it! I often send links to your site to friends. Don't let the bastards get you down!

  4. Uhhm, I got a Gmail update to that thread and left a bit of nasty. Your call.


  5. not sure what's going on but i do know that there are some people that hunt for reasons to be offended. you would think they'd have better uses for their time and energy.

  6. Hey Blue Gal...

    Did you hear Brit Hume is retiring and plans to spend his days reading the Bible.

    Perhaps if you read the Bible more, you'd become, ah,, I mean, compassionate.

    Those same people read my blog and ask why I'm so angry or filled with hate.

    I just go "Grrrr" and tell them its because they're too friendly with God.

    It's kinda fun, though, dontcha think?

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Must be somethin' going around. Yesterday I got trashed in a college study for something I didn't write.

    But there's a compassion and sensitivity trainer I can recommend.

    Jim Beam.

    He always made my Uncle Gus alot easier to get along with.

  8. Accusing BG of lacking compassion is like accusing my blog of lacking pictures.

    Nice tiara toss, first-time anonymous non-blogger...But you hit the judges, so no toaster for you.


  9. I think her shirt really does make her look fat!... and uninformed.

  10. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Now remember, boys and girls,
    Pamelas tee-tees ain't real.

    Um... anyone listening?

    (And it's nice to see how Elton could give a crap about those bodacious, 20-foot-across projection titties flashing behind him. Not a missed note anywhere.)

    Oh, and Anonymous, honey? Go ahead and keep accusing the Quaker of non-compassion. The rest of us heathen tyrants breathlessly await your attentions.

  11. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Shes givn us anno posters a bad name.

    I promise to always come back


  12. Anonymous12:39 PM

    ck a nerve :-)

  13. Anonymous12:43 PM

    damn - meant "struck" a nerve of course.

    you have a talent for puncturing flatulent balloons.

    I like it.

  14. Anonymous12:58 PM

    You're right! I should not soil you blog with Nightmare Alice's alleged prose. The scribbles of a failed Harlequin Romance Authoress is unworthy of you.

    A thousand appologies!

  15. I read your blog and very much enjoy it.

    Please keep being yourself.

    Even if Elton didn't appreciate Pamela's look, I sure did.

  16. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I don't think compassion means what she thinks it means . . .

  17. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Yeah, that shit is so ridic. I had a commenter earlier today get all pissy about me referring to GOPers as as "deranged right-wing scuzbuckets" and asserting that Obama should refuse to negotiate with them, and alluded to me "turning on the ovens" as if criticizing republicans is just like mass incineration of human beings!


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