Friday, December 12

A big exception to the panties rules here at Blue Gal

As my readers know, I have a rule that "no one is wearing the panties I post" here at this blog.

Bettie Page is an exception, as she was exceptional, always.

Rest in peace.

Photo from The Bettie Page.


  1. Too myself... She will always be the epitome of the girl next door. At least, in my dreams. RIP

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM

    The HOB movie helped her go out is style.


  3. Bettie Page was the ultimate pin up girl. Sad to hear she died. But to live into your eighties? Bettie was the bomb.
    RIP indeed. Glad to know she lived to have her life memorialized by a film, Dark Angel.

  4. Totally off topic but I think this is a story in which you may take interest. Saw it on boingboing and thought of you.


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