Saturday, January 19

The Album Meme Thing.

I like it because it combines internet search randomness with art and music and thinking about design.

Cap'n Dyke did it
and came up with this rockin' cover. (She's also got the rules and the links you need to do it yourself):

I came up with this which is almost as cool...I imagine the music therein is new agey rainforest Hearts of Space kinda stuff.

Yeah the fact that they're shells that look like angel wings and the God thing in the title is kinda creepy, except I'm a Quaker so we're used to this kind of hearing and we generally don't get freaked out about it.

Again, visit the Cap'n's fine blog to get the details, but also know I don't tag.


  1. For teh joy of random, may I suggest the Random Ad Generator.

    It's fascinating to see phrases combined with miscellaneous photos. Some are startlingly meaningful - depending on what your mind associates with the words and images, and how those associations react with each other.

    It's an interesting look into how your own mind works.

    You may like it:

  2. AGH! The! THE!


  3. wish i knew how to make up the album cover. i got a very pretty flower.

    the name of the band would be
    De motu

    and the title of the album would be:

    "they can not find"

    pretty cool!

  4. Wow! That's a cool one. Actually, all of them I've seen have been pretty cool. (I did mine a few days back.)

    Sherry, do you have a Mac or a PC? You can do a fair amount with just MS Word and no Photoshop, especially since it sounds like you don't want to change how the flower looks.

  5. I spent a day without Photoshop and nearly had to cut my hands off at the wrist. Can't do it.

    My album cover is over at the old (blog) homestead. What a fun meme type project!


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