Thursday, January 24

Thanks!!! (But no thanks.)

1. Anti-perspirant specially formulated to keep me cool and dry during hot flashes. I'm absolutely convinced this was thought up by a guy in marketing, aren't you? It. won't. work.

Okay update. One reviewer who gave the product four stars says (emphasis mine),

I didn't sweat at all when I used this. It does tend to have a build up after prolonged use, and you have to scrub a little hard in the shower to get it off.

And I say hey, be happy, maybe the build-up is just irreversibly clogged sweat glands.

2. Someone with the online name "muffdiver" wants to share contact details with me on Skype.

3. Someone else, not muffdiver, (user blocked, baby) sent me a 1914 recipe on how to cook salmon guts.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    When I read a post like this, I am amazed that I have been so lucky to have met so many normal, decent people on line.

  2. "Anti-perspirant specially formulated to keep me cool and dry during hot flashes."

    In the immortal words of my mama, don't think of them as "hot flashes," think of them as "power surges"

  3. i try, but who needs power surges at 3 a.m?? ; )

  4. As any good Southern belle knows, women don't sweat, they glisten.

    *fans self*

    Ah do declare. Mah, mah, mah.

    It is so powerfully hot today. I do hope I shall not catch the vapuhs.


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