Monday, January 28

Vlog for January 28

Details about the Coleman Young statements on Morris Udall are on Udall's Wikipedia page. The Kennedy implications are my own recollection, which is pretty reliable, trust this liberal old fart.

The NYFT article about Kennedy/Clinton thang is here.

and Jon Swift are spearheading Blogroll Amnesty Day this Sunday. If you want to participate, post some love for one to six of your favorite small blogs (defined as blogs with less traffic than your own) on Sunday, February 3. (Duncan honey, you're welcome to participate, too, but I wouldn't if I were you.)

Salon tonight during the State of the Union and the drinking game scorecard is here. Don't forget I can eject and ban anybody who skypes drunk though. We'll know it's time to call a cab for you when you change your skype avatar to this.


  1. i'd have alcohol poisoning!

    now if we change it to cookies or chocolate! ; )

  2. Thanks for the perspective.

    Since I'll hear the start of the SOTU while driving home, I'll have to hold off on the drinkin'... ;-)

    Meanwhile, I'm psyched for Blogroll Amnesty Day!

  3. Fine job, old fart liberal.

  4. Anonymous9:34 PM

    I met Mo about the same time you volunteered for Teddy. He was a gentleman of the first order. Some people say they're Goldwater Republicans I think there should be more of us who claim to be Udall Democrats.

  5. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Very interesting Vlog, BG. I wasn't familiar with that bit of history . . . but then, I was only 14 or 15 back then, not too politically savvy. I remember liking Udall, though.

    I'm with you on the Blogroll Amnesty Day. I'll give it some hype tomorrow and see if we can get a few more players.

  6. Blog roll amnesty? I don't think I'll be participating. A good day for me is 10 hits or above. And I'm supposed to post links to someone with fewer than that?

  7. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Hi, BG! Happy Amnesty Day!!


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