Monday, January 21

Salon Tonight, Video Blog Tomorrow

I've got kids home today, and my plan was to vlog about Blog for Choice, which is tomorrow, so I'll just do that tomorrow.

But Salon is tonight 9 Eastern as usual.

Be aware that one of our dear salon regulars, Morse, has gone back to his blog roots and has revitalized Media Needle. Delighted to hear it, Morse honey.

This song has been running through my head the past 24 hours. I could make it a dedication but if I did there would be political and social consequences that even David Broder might notice (ha), so I'll just hum it today and leave it at that. See you tonight at Skype salon.


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    New home, new blog, new art....seemed to make sense.

    See you at 9.

  2. I've got company, so won't be there - even assuming Skype didn't freak out on me again! But hello to all, and have fun!

  3. Oh, and good music pick!

  4. I noticed that too, Blue Gal.

    It can't get no worse!

  5. you can NEVER go wrong with the beatles


  6. You say you want a Revolution?


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