Friday, January 4

being a good girl?

Well, I dunno about that. Somebody's gonna wanna spank me for this, but here goes...

...if you don't mind I think I'll sit here with my white-gloved hands in my lap until after New Hampshire. (If she's pregnant, it sure looks like Dennis is the father, donnit?) Original image here.

Clarification: sorry. I realize this post is not clear. I'm just a little upset with how the special K campaign is going on. We'll talk more about this after NH, though.


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Wow. It's like the mirror image of this.

    Whoda thunk the anonymity of the internet would empower such a vast range of spurned men, and shrill harpies?

  2. okay...I am tired...confused...WHO is preggers ?/.......not the Goddess ? really ?

  3. Like enigma, I must confess I'm confused. Is this a Jamie Lynn Spears-primary season gag, or sumtin' else? Of course, it is 3am here, so I second the "tired" bit, too...

  4. oh sorry. I should clarify. I shall.

  5. I think the ultimate problem with the Kucinich campaign is that the candidate is, to put it charitably, a flake. While he has been on the side of the righteous of many issues, there is really no other word than "flaky" to describe a man who will state publicly that a Nazi-backed lunatic fringer like Ron Paul is under consideration for his running mate and who would rather pass up the chance to be on the Texas primary ballot at all rather than sign a statement that he will support the nominee of his Party. As there was never really any chance of his getting the nomination, Kucinich's only real value has been demonstrating (ironically along with Ron Paul) how the entire campaign debate is framed by the inherent prejudices of media elites. But now even that is lost in the drone of his own silliness and irrelevancy.


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