Thursday, January 31

Cheapshot Photoshop of the Week.

Not that it's gonna be a regular feature or anything.

PS. You guys do know that Sean Hannity has a dating website called Hannidate and that he's looking for guys who want to propose (propose what, an end to the war?) on his radio show for VD. I mean Valentine's day. Sean, I assume same sex couples are welcome, right?



  1. Hannity?...Doesn't he write books, or something?


  2. I did a post all about Hannidate! The funniest thing was a forum post that posed the question, "Do you think Mr. Hannity should help homosexuals find love?" The response to the online poll was 52.63 in favor of this.

  3. *shivers* I just felt a chill run through my entire body.

  4. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I for one would hope that photos of the Hannidates will be available for us to look at, because I recall seeing a few and let's just say it confirmed everything I believed about people who would actually listen to Sean Hannity.

  5. BlueGal, you are awesome!

  6. I'm trying to remember the name of the fellow who posted a gay ad on there... C&L had the story, and I casually linked to it but can't find the bleeding thing now - I'm just a little too disorganized.

    Typical hetro guy, me.

  7. i propose we send Hannity to Baghdad to find a date.... no vest, no armor, no Blackwater, no nothing...

    just the flowers and chocolate we were supposed to receive


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