Wednesday, January 9

Lessons from last night

1. During his victory speech, John McCain was involved in some odd drinking game bet involving the words "my friends".

2. Mitt Romney's big problem is he thinks Washington is the current President. It's Bush, Governor. He's in your party. You supported him twice. Yes, we blame you.

3. CNN has casino pimp Ralph Reed and compulsive gambler Bill Bennett sitting next to each other as commentators. Oh, sorry. There's a bigass memory hole in between them.

thanks Mark Hoback for the panties


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I was also suprised to see Ralphie boy on CNN.

    Can't they find people who are not under indightment to represent the Right, on second though that is a tough task.


  2. I'm sure they'd bring in Peggy Noonan, if her brain hadn't exploded from the Huckabee win.

  3. i watched cnbc. matthews was a complete ass.

  4. Great panties.

    What annoys me the most about Romney - and his aides - is what often annoys me about politicians and PR flacks. Romney acts as if, just because he said something, no matter how ludicrous it is, we should believe him. Over all logic, knowledge and good sense. It's a form of contempt for his audiences.

    Really, are there any good conservative commentators out there? Seriously. I'd like to encourage a non-hack.

  5. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Thank you all for making me glad that I got rid of the tv in 2004. Ralph Reed should be in jail, but he'll skirt like most of them. And what I could tell you about Peggy Noonan. Let's just say there is a reason why her nickname is/was Peggy Nooner. God I hate our media.

  6. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Dang. I watched MSNBC for giggles and missed all the hilarity on CNN with Bennett and Reed.

    That's it! I'm off Tweety.

  7. My Granny always told me,"If you don't have a new pair of Congresses to change into, just turn the old ones inside out."


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