Monday, January 14

Blue Gal vlog 1/14

This is probably the last time evah that I will be this nice to Hillary Senator Clinton, so make a note of it.

When I say I base my vote for President on foreign policy, that means an AIPAC hawk wearing a Chuck Hagel mask over his/her neocon face doesn't get my vote. Certainly not in the primaries and you'll have a very hard sell in the general election, I mean that. (Yep, that's me being nice.)


  1. For myself, irrespective of whether Senators Clinton and Obama are sugar-coated stooges for the same puppetmasters that dangle more conservative strings or not, I am heartened by the fact that their presence is a little more representative of the body politic's broader demographical makeup than the caucapatriarchist 'Club For Growths' over on the Right.

    Oh no, I referenced 'broad' and 'makeup' in a comment about Hi-, uh, Senator Clinton...bad darkblack, no cookie.


  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Hi Blue Gal.......I always check out your blog and enjoy reading your views, however this is my first comment: You are absolutely correct when you say that the Obama/Clinton race will bring about a learning curve as the conversation continues. However, my hope is that it doesn't turn off DEMS of all strips to stay away from the voting booth. Personally, I support Obama, not because he's "black", but because I believe he'll bring a uniting kind of politics to the Presidentcy instead of the same old right v left, black v white, us v them divisiveness that has stalled progress in this country for the past 20 years. We ARE in trouble in this country and whoever is president will need vast grass roots support to push an out-of-the-box agenda for CHANGE. GO OBAMA!

    Not that it really matters,. but I am 62 and "black".

    Best regards, Dandy of Atl

  3. Always delighted to have new commenters, Dandy. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    yes, right on.
    up here in the not-so-frozen north, we track your elections with great interest. Did I detect Bill's red hand in Hilary's recent pronouncements? Is the next step a re-activation of the old standby, "It's the Economy Stupid"?
    So who are you backing BG?

  5. Brava BG! Excellent vlog entry.

    For the record, if I had to vote today I would vote for Edwards. I was supporting Dennis for a long time before that, but I was always an Edwards person at some level.

    Anyway, that said -while I am not that hot for Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, I find myself both defending them and yet simultaneously upset with them.

    Obama? Drug use? Oh great and we have a dry drunk in the White House today. The point is?

    I could go on but I won't. I think your Pema Chodron (btw I love her) inspired assessment is correct.

    This is our moment, we must act now.

    This BTW, could be good content for SP.

  6. BG I agree we are in a learning curve, and that is why we must keep in mind that both sexism and racism are wrong, and must be called out.

    We also, as Democrats, must not allow ourselves to be pulled into a divide an conquer strategy by outside forces. It's a no-win for us.

    I'm supporting Sen. Clinton because I think she has the best chance of winning in November, and I think she is ready to lead.


  7. BG,

    It is interesting watching you grow more and more polished with each vlog.

    I found your two on Autism personally interesting, as my 24-year-old son has Asperger's too, and we have been trying to find a career to settle him in -- one that he is interested in, and that he can succeed in too.

    It tickles me that you are Quaker. (Yes, I know I shouldn't talk about religion, politics, or sex, right?) But it hits a perverse chord and makes me want to say, "Oh, yes, Richard Nixon was a Quaker too!"

    Thank you for sharing your obsession (blogging). You have enriched lots of lives.


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