Thursday, January 17

A celluloid closet moment from 1958

IMDB on "A Certain Smile": "Dominique, a law student at the Sorbonne, is engaged to a fellow classmate. Unfortunately, she's more attracted to his philandering Uncle Luc, who's married to the charming Francoise. Dominique and Luc begin a tawdry affair..."

Okay so watch the dynamics between Dominique and Francoise in this scene and tell me what the hell is going on between them.

Francoise: "I kept her in bed for three days." I'll bet you did, Joan.

I can't discuss this movie clip further right now as my eyes have completely rolled back into my head:


  1. The Scarlett (Letter) coat is a like a brand. She wants to be punished, but she'll have to settle for being dressed.

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Just wanted to thank you again for the link from Crooks & Liars. Let's just say I knew something was up when my stats went crazy. You're the woman.

  3. Yikes ... it's about all I can add.


  4. This is yeat another reason why you never want to become a grown up. They passed up a perfectly good excuse to have a mud pie fight!


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