Wednesday, January 9

I sense a disturbance in the Force.

Lord Vader. We were sure Obiwan Obama would take our ship to light speed. Yet his bucket of bolts can't break out of the atmosphere and he continues to talk shit about bipartisanship, as if the Dark Side is just the other side of the farking aisle.

And then there is Lady Clinton. The Force is strong with this one. She claims she's found her voice. She may out-Oprah Princess Oprah her own self with that line. Geesh. You'd think she was Han Edward's guy with the cleft palette, for crying out loud. What was all that personal suffering stuff in THAT speech anyhow?

Lord Vader, don't get me started on why the Special K badge is off my sidebar forever.

Okay okay, you've seen that one. I've been led in a very strong Quakerly way to pull out some Buddhist texts today, not knowing where exactly they would lead me. They've led me to this post: it is time, ma hunnies, to step inside the pod for a day or two and not let monkey mind get ahold of us. (of course I'm not talking about the Simian Blogger Alliance.)

We have work to do, and as a fellow blogger chatted me up this morning, I can tell you our job has very little to do with electing the Next President of The United States, and everything to do with holding the ship of state's trajectory on an even and left-leaning course in support of the Constitution.

One thing these Buddhist books say is how easy it is to look OUTSIDE for the cause of the trouble. It is incredibly annoying that we don't have a defacto nominee, after all, NEW HAMPSHIRE has come and gone, for heaven's sake!

Don't get cocky.


  1. Thanks for the link and for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It's always nite to get a comment from a fellow traveler.

  2. Anonymous3:19 PM


    Are we haveing a bi-polar episode today?


  3. No, George, but we are having a quiet day. Yesterday was intense, particularly at the blogorama stage. Today I haven't wanted to turn on my radio, let alone my computer...

  4. i really liked that monkey mind thing.

    space monkey

    space monkey in the place to be
    a mass of contradictions in a golden frame
    raising the roof in a calamity way
    completely meretricious of a poke in the eye

  5. BG, I appreciated the Monkey Mind link. Good stuff. I'll add it to my Zen collection.

    Personally, I am sick of horse race coverage. Even a blogger I've normally liked called the whole thing for Obama after Iowa. I just love being told that my vote, and voters in general, just don't matter. I don't mind people noting political realities, but it pains me when they seem to celebrate realities that need to change.

    Sorry about Special K. I think he's speaking in the Lincoln "Party of Rivals" sense, but he's said the same two other places, that I've found. But it pained me to hear Kucinich say this, just as Richardson's blather about incivility and the need for bipartisanship made me lose respect for him, even though I think it's at least partially the desperation of a long shot candidacy.

    That relates to you great line, "as if the Dark Side is just the other side of the farking aisle." Oyy. I'm happy to talk about different strategies, but there's a limit to how much you can talk with someone who just has a fundamentally different view of reality. At times I tell myself, "it's cognitive dissonance" for Broder and the gang, but it really kills me at times.

    But that's why quiet days are good. And lord knows, you've earned a few!

  6. I'm not sure that it is so much a simian alliance as a mutual fling-poopery.

    By the way, the fleet has moved out of light speed. ComScan has detected an energy field... Doh! Cut that out!

  7. Anonymous11:30 PM

    So THAT'S why Kucinich is dead to you.

    I'm still backing Edwards to the bitter end. We think he's furrreal.


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