Saturday, January 19

Saturday Song

Another old movie/modern song mashup. Geez, I really used to hate these, but Jean Arthur? And look at her clothes and her eyes and she's just lovely.

The song, well, Rob Thomas is a bit teenybopper corporate rock ballad, but if I had to select an Allie McBeal theme song, this would be a finalist.

Oh and here's a lovely scene from one of her depression era screwball comedies, apparently it's called Easy Living. (fixed now sorry)


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    An interesting aside on Rob Thomas - few people know that he helped bring Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes together. When Rob's wife came home, and caught him in bed with Tom Terrific, she went ballistic. She threatened to sell her story to the tabs. Well she was paid off big time, and Cruise spun into damage control. That's where Katie and Oprah's couch come in. As for the ex Mrs Rob Thomas - she likes to get drunk and tell her story at parties.

  2. She's gorgeous ...



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