Tuesday, January 29

On the Newsstand this week...

toothpaste for dinner

Seventeen: Just because your [boy]friend is two years older, doesn’t necessarily mean he is trying to get in your pants.

Glamour: Sex Do's and Dont's. The whole "swallowing thing?" It’s a Don’t, say 52% of women.** But it’s a Do, say 85% of men.

Time Magazine: The length of your ring finger belies your testosterone level. Therefore, the longer your ring finger, the better you are at math. Wait, didn't Lawrence Summers get fired for saying something just like that?

Esquire: These days, striking out with the opposite sex is as simple as buying a webcam and "being yourself." (and trust me, the Five Worst Online Video Dating Profiles is definitely worth the click.)

**[Yo, fifty two percent. You know that "maybe he's just not that into you" mumbo jumbo? Nevermind.]


  1. but ABC gets fined $1.4 million for showing a ass on tv for 1 second

    and gets in trouble for Diane Keaton inadvertently blurting out the F word on GMA

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I hope ABC fights like hell and wins. Yeah, I hate ABC as much as the next guy, I just hate this version of the FCC more.

  3. Or he's somewhat into you, or not as much into you as he might like. Or not nearly as much as you are willing to allow.

  4. After seeing those lovely dating videos, I feel that I still may have something to offer. Just not sure what it is right now.

  5. Holy moly! Those videos are something. Do you think the subjects viewed them before posting them? I bet the rap guy watches his own every night while interfering with himself.


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