Friday, January 18

Where did the DAY go?

When a kid of yours is sent home from school with a cough and a fever, that's where the day goes. Wouldn't have it any other way, actually.

There's a couple scheduling things in the pipeline I want to let you know about:

February 3 is the anniversary of the notorious Blogroll Amnesty Day. It is evolving, quite rightly it seems to me, from a vitriolic attack on A-listers into something more celebratory of us B-C-D-and-DD-list blogs.

We'll be celebrating the small blogosphere that day somehow and suggestions as to how to do so are most welcome.


February 5 is not just Super Tuesday. It's also the anniversary of Day of Shame, the day of Colin Powell's speech to the UN arguing for the invasion of Iraq. Vastleft of Corrente is spearheading a blogswarm and details will be forthcoming soon.


I'm going to be out of town and quite busy the weekend of February 15. We'll be having a contest here at BG, probably a photoshop or caption this photo kind of thing. Again I'll keep you posted.


We're due to have real live snow here in Birmingham by morning. Big whoop.


  1. A comment I made in reply to an Email from a Blogger, that I am certain you are familiar with, commenting on that particular post:

    "I am not really attacking the other Blogs for all of that. I look at it as taking what was a bit of a negative for some and trying to turn it into a positive for everyone."

    So, I think we are certainly on the same page, in as much as figuring out a way to make this a positive.

    Thanks for the link!

    Connecticut Man1

  2. The only suggestion I might offer for B.A.D. is that as many minor league bloggers as possible reiterate the D.I.Y meme as succinctly as they can, in their own ways.

    'Get your own blog, stake your own claim, and get involved'...When my monkeyshines seemed to be expanding beyond the boundaries of a larger organization, the only credible solution was to build my own soapbox.

    Anybody can do it. Everybody should do it.


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