Monday, January 7

Blue Gal vlog: Time Management and Blogging

Since it's about time management I've learned to arrange these in more "manageable chunks." Part one under nine minutes:

Part two eight minutes ten seconds:

On topic here's a good post on saying no from Red Fork State.


  1. I hear ya. It's all a matter of balance, I think. I spent some time this weekend on my apartment, which I joke is at the snow shovel and flamethrower stage. A bit at a time. It's possible to be too controlled or obsessively organized, but

    I may agree with you on Kristol and Morris, but boy, they're both loathsome. I suppose one could argue that Morris is merely extremely hateful while Kristol is a smug, imperialist warmonger who has done more actual harm, even if some think he exudes a slightly less noxious stench.

    Regarding blogging itself, as always I agree with you it has to ultimately be born of love, not solely duty. And I think you'd be a fine addition to Street Prophets.

  2. Case in point, I should have been organized enough to finish that sentence! Haha

  3. Balancing my time wisely is a particular challenge for me having grown up in a family of over-achieving, detail-oriented perfectionists. When I am feeling functional, I want to get as much stuff done during the day as I possibly can and I need to understand that I needn't exhaust myself in the process. Simplify doesn't just apply to lifestyle choices, it also applies to one's overall mindset.

    You can be unhealthily overbooked by the things you love as well as in your societal obligations.

  4. Anonymous8:13 AM


    Now that you have gone over to the dark side, will we see you in Austin?



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