Saturday, January 5

Saturday Song

I usually don't like the new song/old movie mashups littering YouTube, but this one works. Something about the deep dark sound of ubertrash Amy Winehouse, and the gorgeous high camp movies of Elizabeth Taylor, they go together like coffee and pillow talk. (Scott Simon is back on NPR this morning, he's the single thinking girl's best boyfriend. mmmm.)


  1. That IS a good one!

    Stopping over to say a hearty Thank You! You're the first to blogroll Play On! and I'm thrilled. :-)

  2. Here's to single thinking girls all over the world.


  3. Haha. Yeah, this is a pretty funny one.

    And what darkblack said!

  4. i agree.... good mash.... Winehouse is an outstanding talent. if she doesn't drink herself to death and continues working, she'll probably be considered a classic in a decade or two.

  5. Very fun video! And as for Scott, when I was a single woman and he was still an unmarried man, I used to think that we might just e perfect together!

  6. one thing about Taylor -- she was gorgeous -- especially in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

  7. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I'm with you on this one, Blue Gal, and you know how I hate mashups - but that was pretty good.

    And DCap is right: Liz is mighty fine.



  8. If you like Amy Winehouse you'll probably LOVE Canada's Jully Black.
    Seven Day Fool


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