Wednesday, January 23

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for January 23

to Physioprof, a recent addition to the Blue Gal sidebar.

Physioprof has just started his blog, but he comes with a pedigree. He was kicked in the ass to get his own blog by Driftglass, who was kicked in the ass to get his own blog by Steve Gilliard. So Physioprof is kinda sorta Steve's blog grandson he never knew.

Steve would be proud.

Here's the kind of comment at DG's, this time regarding Chris Mathews, that got Physioprof bumped to his own blog:

"You know you're truly a bottom-of-the-barrel low-life misogynist scumbag when even some asshole "reporter" from gonorrheic cockdribble purveyor Politico calls you on your sexism."

That comment alone is worthy of a don't sugarcoat it, but here's a sample of the don't sugarcoat it talent decorating Physioprof's own place...

For progressives who are disgusted with Obama’s comments about Reagan, it doesn’t matter what he said, how it was intended, or how it should have been interpreted. What matters is the undeniable fact that he mentioned Reagan–the most beloved halo-encircled icon of the motherfucking Republican Party–you know, those sick depraved bastards who have been successfully working day and night for the last 40 years to turn our constitutional republic into a feudal fucking kingdom–in a context other than one of avowed repudiation of his pernicious political strategies and governmental policies. Reagan was the leader of those sick depraved bastards as he presided over the early stages of enacting their perverted agenda, one that has now brought us to the brink of national disaster.

I've said it to you already, Physioprof, but welcome to the party. Leave comments at his place, and tell him Blue Gal sent you.