Wednesday, January 30

The personal is political...

...or all politics is local...or something like that...

anyhow, my point is, yesterday I bought a skein of yarn to knit a pair of socks for me my own self:

And the colors really do glow just like that.

I'm sorry Edwards dropped out...his voice in the end anyway was speaking for people who aren't heard otherwise. What's fascinating is hearing the buzz outside the MSM...people chatting about how he'd make a great VP, AG, etc. Looking for a home for him in public life. People feel good about Edwards. He's out but not gone.

Not so much of a wish for Mr. Fusion here, who btw Pammy Atlas endorsed (kiss. of. death?) only Monday. (vid from 1996):


  1. I'm also sorry Edwards is out.
    But, oh, the sheer joy of seeing fuckhead Rudy grumble his way out of sight shines brighter than your yarn.

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    my husband just sent me to your blog. he's amused because i'm a knitting blogger who sometimes veers into politics. come visit me -- i'm at

    i want to see how your socks turn out!

  3. Oh, poor poor Pammy. Anyone who rips the title of their blog from an Ann Rand novel is just...well...ya know?

    I saw a Rudy bumper sticker on an SUV returning home from work last week.

    As I have said before, irony, at a base level.

  4. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Not a knitter, but I would like to see the socks too. As for Edwards, my gut says that they got some bad news. I hope not, but he said he would stay in until the convention and the decision to suspend (not drop) his campaign was really quick. Just saying.

  5. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Oooh, knit me a pair, BG, or even just one!

    John Edwards leaving the race is a sorrow. Maybe it is because he pushed the other corporatists to the left, or maybe it was that he gave everyone a conscience again, or maybe it is all smoke and mirrors.

    One of the things I find to be strange and funny is the way that the media (who never let him -- or Dennis or others -- speak) are now analyzing what went wrong.

    i know it is a tired refrain coming from me, but before we can have meaningful campaign reform, we have to have media reform.



  6. That yarn is gorgeous!!!!

    I've always wanted to learn to knit. I could never figure out the casting on (or whatever you call it) from the little knitting how-to book I bought. I'll have to get someone to show me.

    Yeah, bummed about Edwards, too. I have no clue who to vote for. Anna Quindlen for president!!!

  7. Anonymous10:07 PM

    You got that right, Tengrain. I expect the republicans to rape and pillage the treasury when they are in power, but I also expect some democrats to fight back and some of the media to put the spotlight on the theft. The republicans are doing what I expect (not giving them a pass, mind you), but both the congressional democratic leadership and the media disgust me. Have to fight them both. Primaries for the quislings, regulation for the media whore.

  8. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Caramba, that yarn photo is very erotic!


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